1. Individuals aged eighteen and above who have been duly registered on the Photo Contest Website and accepted the terms of the Regulations on “The Russian Civilization” International Photo Contest can participate in the photo contest.
  1. The participant can take part in each of the 5 (five) nominations, each nomination allowing to display from 1 (one) to 5 (five) photographs. Each participant can offer not more than 25 (twenty five) photographs.
  1. Photographs created by the participant in 2015 or later are admitted to the photo contest.
  1. There is no participation fee.
  1. The participants caught in using the results of intellectual activity of third persons, as well as in the actions which shall be regarded as non-compliant with effective legislation of the Russian Federation and/or with the terms of the Regulation on the international photo contest are subject to disqualification and shall not be allowed to participate in the photo contest further.
  1. All photographs sent for the photo contest are published on the photo contest website for the viewer voting.
  1. Photographs sent for the photo contest can be refused participation in the following cases:
  • photographs do not correspond to the photo contest subject;
  • a photograph is of low art or technical quality;
  • photographs have erotic components, photographs reflect appeal of nonstandard sexual relations or prompting to such relations, or photographs can form distorted interpretation of social equivalence of standard and nonstandard sexual relations;
  • elements of violence, racial or religious intolerance can be perceived on photographs;
  • photographs can be interpreted as the propaganda of consumption (distribution) of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, narcotics, can disgrace honor and dignity of people, induce to illegal actions, cruelty or violence;
  • photographs containing advertisement, both express and indirect, or links to the author's personal website or to those of third parties;
  • identical photographs and photographs from the same series;
  • photographs depicts scenes discrediting art objects constituting national or world cultural property;
  • in case of one participant registering under different names;
  • in case of concealment of real participant's IP-address (by any means: proxy-server or special internet services).
  1. The participant cannot process photographs in any graphic editors, use filters or photographic compilation. Photographs of photo contest participants shall not have any additional graphic elements (author plates, author marks, added framed, etc.). Moderate brightness and contrast adjustment is allowed.
  1. Each participant shall comply with the Regulations on the international photo contest and shall guarantee that all information about the photographs submitted for the photo contest is true and correct.
  1. The decision of the photo contest organizer on all the issues regarding the photo contest shall be conclusive and shall not be subject to discussion.

For details on the photo contest Regulations go to this.

For details on the License Agreement go to this.

“The Russian Civilization” Photo Contest  is held within the framework of the state program of the Russian Federation “State national policy implementation”approved by the Regulation of the Government of the Russian Federation No.1532 dd. 29.12.2016.

Photo contest organizer – Federal Agency for the Affairs of Nationalities (FADH of Russia).