“Russian Civilization” II International Photo Contest shall be held with the aim of harmonizing multinational relations and ethnocultural development of Russian peoples by attracting nationals' attention to the sources and traditions of the Russian culture.

Photo Contest Organizer – Federal Agency for the Affairs of Nationalities (FADH of Russia).

The photo Contest shall start on 17 July and shall last through 2 September 2017. Both professional photographers and amateurs aged 18 and above, of any sex, place of residence and occupation can send their works for the contest.

The contest shall be held in the following nominations:

  • Unique nature
    Landscape photographs demonstrating unique views, beauty of Russian nature, untravelled places, and wild Russian nature (woods, rivers, lakes, mountains, meadows, etc.). Photographs can also depict animals and birds.
  • Faces and generations

Portrait photographs (single, couples, groups of people), conveying national color (in outward appearance) and revealing Russian character, originality and mystique of the human soul.

  • Traditions of the large country

Works of this category (reportage photographs) reveal multinationality and originality of the peoples of Russia who have not lost their heritage in the age of information and advanced technologies: traditions, customs and centuries-old bond between generations (national holidays, weddings, old rites).

  • Architecture and sculpture

Photographs demonstrating unique character of both monuments of art carrying plenty of national traditions and telling of the origin of Russian art of building and of modern architectural structures reconstructing elements of ancient Russian culture and reflecting national spirit (unique buildings, sculpture, wall painting, carved palisade, etc.). 

  • Arts and craft

Photographic works reflecting manufacturing items of the arts and crafts and the very items (objects) of craftsmen reflecting national spirit and images of this or that nationality, aesthetic ideals, beliefs, peculiarities of morals and manners which have still remained unchanged and are passed from one generation to another (the Dymkovo pottery toy, the Gzhel ceramics, the Vologda lace, the Gorodets wood painting, the Palekh miniature lacquer painting, the Khokhloma painting, the Zhostovo trays, etc.).

Each participant  can represent from 1 to 5 photographs in each of 5 nominations (not more than 25 images altogether to be placed by one person). Photographs created in 2015 or later years shall be admitted to the photo contest.

The decision on the photo contest winners in each of the nominations shall be made by judges’ voting at the meeting.

Evaluation criteria:

  • originality of the photograph idea;
  • artistic level and contents of the photograph;
  • participant's skill; technique and quality of execution;
  • photograph compliance with contest requirements and nominations.

Winners in each nomination shall be given valuable prizes and gifts.

“The Russian Civilization” Photo Contest  is held within the framework of the state program of the Russian Federation “State national policy implementation” approved by the Regulation of the Government of the Russian Federation No.1532 dd. 29.12.2016.

For a more detailed information on the photo contest Regulations please refer to this.