Статья: Igor Barinov

Igor Barinov

Federal Agency for the Affairs of Nationalities, the chairman of the jury

Статья: Olga Sviblova

Olga Sviblova

Multimedia Art Museum Director

Статья: Irina Bezrukova

Irina Bezrukova

theater and film actress, TV presenter, public figure

Статья: Vasily Tsereteli

Vasily Tsereteli

Executive Director of Moscow Museum of Modern Art

Статья: Kristina Makeeva

Kristina Makeeva

A photographer, a traveler, the author of one of the popular instagram accounts of Russia

Статья: Anton Lange

Anton Lange

Photographer, traveler, honorary member of WWF-Russia

Статья: Alexey Zotov

Alexey Zotov

Photographer, Director, author and lecturer on photography at School of photography



Secretary of Russian Union of Photo Artists, a member of Russian Union of Journalists and UNESCO International Federation of Artists

Статья: Julia Mikhalkova

Julia Mikhalkova

An actress and the author of the show "Ural Dumplings", a public figure 

Статья: Sergey Chernyh

Sergey Chernyh

Photographer, journalist, columnist

Статья: Andrian Melnikov

Andrian Melnikov

The author and curator of the cultural-exhibition project "Art Centre. Moscow"

Статья: Дмитрий Исхаков

Дмитрий Исхаков

Российский дизайнер и фотограф

Статья: Ragda Ganieva

Ragda Ganieva

Singer. The finalist of the project "Voice. Children" and the winner of the show "Winner" on the First channel.

Статья: Yuri Somov

Yuri Somov

A photographer, a distinguished Cultural Figure of the Russian Federation, the winner of many Russian and international photo contests including World Press Photo

Статья: Valery Khristoforov

Valery Khristoforov

Photographer, the legendary photographer, finalist of the "World Press Photo».

Статья: Daniil Menshikov

Daniil Menshikov

The honored artist of Russia, member of Union of artists of Russia

Статья: Julia Zubarik

Julia Zubarik

An Expert Urbanist, the founder of the architectural town-planning bureau MASTER'S Plan